Unlimited driving fun.
Whenever you feel like it.

Experience the fascination of Porsche with an exclusive all-round carefree package.

The Porsche Drive Abo by CARIFY
at a glance.


1 month notice after minimum term


One rate, all inclusive


Access to all Porsche models




No entry fees, no deposit

Porsche Drive Abo
by Carify

Porsche Drive Abo



The most popular models.

Select your desired model and start your personal adventure.

What is the Porsche Drive Abo by CARIFY?

Life situations change. New desires arise. With Porsche Drive Abo, you can react flexibly to these changes and experience the fascination of Porsche at the same time. Get into the Porsche that suits you best now.

As flexible as life.

With minimum contract periods of 1, 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months and different kilometre packages, you can react quickly to private or professional changes. The notice period is only one month.

One price, all inclusive.

The monthly rate covers all costs incurred. These include, for example, maintenance and wear and tear, summer and winter tyres, as well as reassuringly comprehensive insurance cover. There is also no start-up fee. You only have to refuel/charge yourself.

All Porsche models.

911 Cabriolet in summer and a Cayenne in winter? Or experience electric mobility with the Taycan? From our large selection of vehicles available at short notice, you can choose exactly the Porsche that suits you best.

Simple processes.

Thanks to our fully digital processes, you can quickly and easily select your desired model and takeover date and soon drive off in your Porsche. Optionally, the vehicle can also be delivered to you.

Porsche Drive Rental.

Would you like to rent your dream Porsche for just a few single days, or give a voucher for a driving experience as a gift? Porsche Drive Rental has the right offer for you.

200 CHF price reduction.

Drive a Porsche for 6 months.

Code: 6CARIFY200

300 CHF price reduction.

Drive a Porsche for 12 months.

Code : 12CARIFY300

400 CHF price reduction.

Drive a Porsche for 18 months.

Code : 18CARIFY400